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Police accessories

Police accessories

Let them get caught up in the moment of role play thanks to this detail-oriented accessory set. The padded, Velcro utility belt has a Velcro strip all the way around so its easy to attach & detach the included gear at a moments notice. The belt also features a front padded, silver buckle to finish off the belt even when all the plush props are in use. The variation of soft toy accessories however are what really elevates their immersive, 999 emergency experience to the next level! Every officer of the law needs their trusty tools and so we've included 4 pieces of high quality, soft play fire service equipment for them to store on their belt until it's time for action. The variety of equipment included is made up of 1x black padded utility belt which measures 60cm around with velcro fastening silver buckle detailing, 1x walky-talky with button and ‘POLICE' detailing& aerial, 1x C.S.I. black camera with silver lens detailing, 1x pair of silver velcro handcuffs & a felt Police badge complete with red embroidery, all of which are padded. The soft & plush nature of the nurse accessories set, ensures they are robust, durable & super kid-friendly.

    £15.00 Regular Price
    £13.50Sale Price
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