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Jet Pack

Jet Pack

If you thought they we're full of energy before, wait until they strap in with this jet pack accessory. This robust and super kid-friendly, soft-play accessory from Pretend to Bee will have them flying around until they either run out of fuel or when it's time for dinner! It makes safe, immersive soft play equipment for toddlers & kids 3 & over.

Let them get caught up in the moment of role play thanks to the well-crafted & full-colour design jet pack exploration accessory. The jet pack its self is fun to look at let alone use. The hefty looking, plush dual-canisters are unmissable with their silver-foil coating and black air-vent stitching detail. The silver & black is then met with a bright blue set of tank caps that finish the canister element off nicely. The real star of the show however comes in the form of the exciting, flurry of flames that are coming from the fuel canisters… the thrust propulsion of these colourful & layered, plush flames are a sight to behold! The base layer is a plush orange polyester that is stuffed for a 3D effect and is expertly stitched at the seam. On top is a reflective layer of red polyester satin and to finish the flame effect off we have a gold layer of reflective, gold polyester satin. The rich pallet of colours and textures come together to create an exciting & immersive flame that is fitting of any jet pack!

    £19.00 Regular Price
    £17.10Sale Price
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